Thankfully, Exit is on the Move!

Hard to believe that the Edinburgh Fringe ended only three months ago. I think I’m still a bit wiped out from that incredible journey because as I’d hoped, it launched the show to places I had never dreamed about. I gambled and went to Scotland for for the opportunity to develop the piece and to garner international press so I could take the show and my writing workshops to new places. And that’s exactly what happend. I just didn’t expect it to happen so darn quickly.

In October, the show was back in NYC at the Triple Crown Underground where it all started. Sandy forced us to cancel the second show, even though there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The trains stopped running and folks were busy clearing supermarket shelves for the storm of the century. Two more shows were added at the adorable Hourglass Tavern in the theater district which led to a number of personal appearances at Broadway Sessions and Porno Bingo. Guess which one was more successful? We donated the proceeds from the first show to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS for Sandy relief. Amazing, generous people really helped those in need. Thanks!

Michael Musto of the Village Voice reviewed the show providing the perfect pull-quote: “Marino has a hit!” Lots of folks from all over came to the show – London, Scotland, Queens … it was like Edinburgh all over again as they packed the Hourglass.

In the meantime, Team Exit was busy sprucing up the logo (see above) and planning for 2013. In January and February the show will make it’s Florida Gulf Coast debut at the Theatre Conspiracy in Ft. Myers in conjunction with my Page to Stage workshops at Big Arts on Sanibel Island. But the warm winter weather doesn’t stop there …

EXIT makes its way to Australia for the Adelaide Fringe in March where it will play for 2 weeks in the Red Room at the Astral Hotel. I’m more nervous about surviving the 24-hour trip there than actually doing the show. Luckily, a few new mates from Edinburgh will be doing their shows as well. Amen. EXIT was chosen as one of 119 acts to be part of the BankSA Support Act program for Adelaide Fringe 2013. This means that BankSA customers get 50% off tickets and BankSA generously donates the remainder of the ticket sale to the show – plus provides a slew of free advertising!

London is the next stop on the “world tour” in May with a 3-week run at a sexy theatre in Leicester Square (to be officially announced soon) and then it moves to the Brighton Fringe for another week of shows. We will be expanding the show a bit with video clips and special guest talk-backs. When we started this project we didn’t know how the English/Brits would respond to the cultural ribbing they get in the show, but it was a Brit producer who picked it up and a Brit theater owner who booked it, and a West End producer who upon seeing the show in Scotland insisted that the show run in London. The story will officially come full circle.  I cannot wait to see my Desperately Seeking Susan mates and to drum up some more reviews and interviews which will help promote “round two” when the show returns to Edinburgh in August .

Plans for the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe, the place where it all really took off, are already in motion. Eight months before the first performance. And I’m looking forward sharing prep info for the Edinburgh Fringe at my own Edinburgh Fringe Starter Kit workshop that I’m leading at The PIT in December. Eight Fringe pals will be on hand to answer questions in this 4-hour workshop and I’m sure I might even learn a thing or ten.

None of this would be happening if it weren’t for the support of my family, friends and fellow artists. Thank you again and again for helping the project move forward. Now, cook up some turkey and get into the groove.



4 thoughts on “Thankfully, Exit is on the Move!

  1. Congratulations PMM. We love you.

  2. Go Pete, big love to you!

  3. Kevin Kosik says:

    Congrats! How exciting! And so proud to be able to support you and the global phenomenon that’s DSE!

  4. So fab!! Bravo my dear friend, Bravo!!

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