Monthly Archives: October 2012

Exit to Oz

This March, I’m delighted to announce that Desperately Seeking Exit will make its Australian premier at the Adelaide Fringe. Whoop!

Located in southern Australia, the Adelaide Fringe is the largest annual arts festival in the Southern Hemisphere. There will be over 900 shows featuring over 4,000 performers from around the world. The festival runs from February 15-March 17, and I will be doing the show for the first two weeks of March at the intimate 50-seat Red Room in the Austral Hotel. Luckily, quite a few of my Edinburgh pals will also be performing at the festival and I’ve secured a lovely little bungalow that’s a 15-minute walk along the river to the center of town.

This festival is 1/3 the size of the Edinburgh Fringe covering a mere one-square mile. This should be a lot easier to navigate and manage than Edinburgh, but the opportunities are just as promising. Unlike Edinburgh, this run will be ticketed. No need to hold out the bucket at the end of the show; but I’m sure I will be hustling, promoting and networking on the same scale as Scotland. The “DSE” team is planning to generate more buzz for the show, book tours and special engagements, and keep it fresh for the London transfer which is scheduled for a 3-week run in early Spring, 2013.

The application took about 2 weeks to complete. The festival is 4 months away. The flight is about 24 hours, with a transfer in Singapore. It’s been a dream to go to Australia since I was 10, and to have the opportunity to do what I love and to have the opportunity to actually work there is better than any dream I imagined.

So book your flight (and show tickets) and I will see you on the white sandy beaches of Adelaide, soon!

xo Pete