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Dreaming is Free. Doing costs Money.

“DREAMING IS FREE” – Debbie Harry

“DOING COSTS MONEY” – Peter Michael Marino

You might wonder how a solo comedy that only has a guy, a stool and a boom box on stage costs so damn much. I am funding this adventure with my RocketHub crowd-funding campaign that I launched in May to help bring the show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and the cost of the preliminary “try-out” ventures is included in the total cost of the show to date.

The initial readings of the show in Buffalo, the NYC run, and the runs in L.A., Long Lake and Manchester are all a part of developing the show, so it is in tip-top shape for the festival. After organizing the show’s expense receipts for the past few months of production, I thought I’d share my numbers with you. These are items that have already been paid for. The President of the United States does it, so I thought I’d jump on board.

  • ARTISTIC FEES – Director, NY Publicist, UK Publicist: $3,200
  • BUFFALO TRY OUT – Flight, props, transportation: $363
  • LOCAL TRANSPORTATION – Rehearsals in Pennsylvania: $75
  • NYC rehearsal space: $125
  • PROMOTION – DSE Trailer, Photo shoot, Stylist, Logo & Postcard Design, Postcards, Buttons, Show business cards: $1,433
  • PROPS & COSTUME – Boom Box, Batteries, Banner, Pants, Shoes (waterproof!), tailored T-shirts: $478
  • EDINBURGH TRAVEL & LODGING – Flight, Trains, Flat: $2,140
  • L.A. SHOW – Theater rental, posters, transportation, advertising: $470
  • STOOL for Ed Fringe show –  $40
  • TOTAL – $8,864.00

I still need to pay my Edinburgh house manager who will work all 26 performances; my Edinburgh “Street Team” who will do flyering with the 5,000 postcards and 50 posters I’m about to purchase, and food. And aspirin. And phone costs.

These costs will run approximately $1,850.

So, as you can see, a solo show costs a whole lot of solo bills. I appreciate the 78 contributors to my RocketHub campaign (which runs until the end of May) and the numerous friends and family members who chose to give cash at the show or checks in the mail. The cash has already purchased a professional microphone that I will use to record the performances in Scotland as well as an audio blog I am planning where I talk to the visitors to the Festival and the show. These donations will also pay for a waterproof backpack and carrying case for the boom box and wellies. It rains an awful lot in Edinburgh, and this Yankee needs to stay dry and healthy.

Thanks again, and if you’d like to support my venture, please visit my RocketHub page. Every $10 counts.


XO Pete