Monthly Archives: February 2012

We Have Artwork

This just in … the artwork for the postcard, websites, headers and other media.

Designed by the awesome Jonny Fido.

We Have a Venue

After an extensive application process and waiting for four long weeks, I’ve been accepted in the Laughing Horse Free Fringe at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Whew. Note: the application isn’t free, but my show will be … that is, until I pass a bucket at the end of each performance in the hope that folks will drop their hard-earned pounds into it.

The show will be performed at Baxters, above the Edinburgh City Football Club every night at 6PM from August 2-26 in an intimate 60-seat theater — sandwiched between the two biggest gay bars in Edinburgh. Which is kinda perfect since it’s a show about show biz with references to Madonna, Blondie and musicals. And – BONUS – the venue is only a 15-minute walk to my flat.

Now, on to submitting all of my materials to the festival which will include the logo, blurbs and photos. Later this week I’m laying down the audio track for the 1-minute stop-motion trailer I’m doing with Todd Rocheford, and then the photo shoot which involves a tuxedo and lots of tomatoes with photographer David Rodgers. Good times.

This is really happening. Better start to brush up on my Scottish.